Friday, August 30, 2013

Life's Blank Page

Life's Blank Page

Why does a blank page always beckon me?  Why is it that my soul’s deepest desire is to write?
I’m not a good speaker.  I usually can’t put all of my thoughts into a cognizant sentence before many people lose interest.  I’m definitely not good at grammar.  And let’s not even talk about my spelling.  (Thanks Spell Check People).  Yet I continue to write.  Scribble.  Type.  Jot.  And obviously ramble (in fragmented sentences, no less).  Something draws me to a pen and paper; a blank word document; a pencil and a scrap piece of paper.

As life seems to continue to fly past, I can always remember and smile when reading old notes.
When life throws a curve, I can write my way into the future, planning and dreaming the next home run.
It has occurred to me that passion is not a candle that is lit and burns out after time.
Passion for what you love is something that never dies down.  It can never be snuffed out.
There will be a continuous burn in your soul.  Day In and Day Out.  I don’t know how to control it. And I have come to the conclusion that I wouldn't even if I could.

And the awesome news is I see that passion in my kids.  

With hockey and piano.  With chess and swimming. With love for their family.
The building blocks of life are self-realizations.  My hope is that these kids will come to realize as much as possible before heading out into this massively crazy planet.  The only things I can do: show by example, encourage their passion, and educate at every turn of the road.

I want to be the ear they look for when they have a broken heart.
I want to be the smile they see when their passion is realized.
I want the tears, the laughs, the inside jokes.

And I will continue to write all of it down.  Continue to scribble my thoughts, hopes and dreams.

So, until the next story…

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waking Up

Waking Up

Sometimes, when the night falls into place, and the lights are all flickering with the candles, the silence is satisfaction.  Not because the loud noises make me crazy.  Or that silence is a rarity.  Rather, it is a sign that when the kids are sleeping soundly & when your wife is sleeping peacefully, the world seems to be rotating correctly.  That you haven't missed a step.  Your feet are still firmly placed on the path, and everything is aligned.  Beauty is everywhere on this Earth.  You don't have to look far or sift through life searching for that perfect sense of beautiful.  It is where you are.  In the silence.  In the sun of an afternoon.  In the light of the Harvest Moon.  You can find it in the eyes of your children, or on their sweet eyelids when they sleep.  Many of us believe with our hearts and souls that we can and should make a difference.  That we are waiting for the right opportunity to take us to that next level.  To uplift us and change us into the person we see we can be in our minds.  You see that person in the reflection of the water of a still pond.  You hear that person in beautiful stories of your past.  You don't have to wait to change who you are.  That change is happening now.  It's happening as you read, as you laugh, and as you breath.  So catch all fleeing moments.  From the very second you wake up.  Don't miss them.  Enjoy a sleepy smirk, or a wink over a coffee cup.  Cherish a child's hug before they head to school.  Sometimes, you just wake up and realize that life is really good.  It's really right.  And this parenting thing - this marriage thing, is something you can do.  Something you ARE doing.  And you're not doing a half bad job at it.  And that is really cool and amazing.  So start enjoying the sounds of sleep tonight - and all of the minutes you are awake tomorrow.

~ Henry Fredrick Robbins

Saturday, January 28, 2012


We all have fallen at some point in our life.

Be it small failures or huge - we all have fallen.

It's amazing how fast we can judge the remainder of our entire existence from one fall.
"We will never do this again, we will never do that." - Ever.

Yet, if you stop anyone on the street and ask "Have you ever made the same mistake twice?" you would get a resounding "Yes."

As we round out January, many of our lofty goals / resolutions may be fading away.  Our 2012 is already moving faster than the time we have...and everyday life is taking priority.

Don't worry about the misstep.  Don't zoom in on the fall.

Understand that a fall is just part of your stride.  The next step is getting up and moving forward.

I'll see you tomorrow, just a little further down your path than I saw you today.

~Charlie Trendal

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nothing Even Matters

Lauryn Hill quoted it best: "nothing even matters".

She, was talking love, but you can use this sentiment in every area of your life.  Because, seriously, nothing even matters.

Nothing matters but what matters to you.  For me:

Nothing even matters but my children.

Nothing even matters but the love I have for my wife.

Nothing even matters but the music in my ears.

Nothing even matters but the words I write.

Nothing even matters but my motivation.

Nothing even matters but my dreams.

Forget what the world has to say about it.  Do what you have to, to make everything disappear but what matters.

You don't have to wait to be perfect.  Trust me.  Take it from someone who drinks, starts arguments, and carries what feels like the weight of the Earth on his shoulders...nothing even matters.

Start writing, start reading, start taking chances, start believing in yourself.

Start putting action to your dreams.

Start what you thought couldn't be started. 

The path you have traveled life on has given you the experiences you need for your future.  You have what it takes.  Grab for it.  Jump, because nothing even matters.  Know you may fall, know you may fail.  But nothing even matters but what you are reaching for.  Remove every obstacle.  Become the person you want to be.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Kids and Vacation

I did some research on "Kids and Vacations", and I came up with some good results: go to this family friendly location, eat at this family friendly restaurant, stay here - because the kids have a pool and the adults have a hot tub.

However, when I typed in "Kids and International Vacation" the basic message was clear: don't take your kids.

So against conventional wisdom, and the wisdom of the Google search people, Hoons and I have decided to take the kids with us when we vacation to Ireland.

Oh, hi! If you are new to the site - or you've been here for a while, we've decided to vacation to Ireland!  Because of the vast expense, the trip is scheduled for the summer of 2014.  But if the growth of my kids is any indication as how fast time flies...


Over the next 2 plus years I will continue to post motivational messages, but I will mainly be writing about getting ready for the trip, and how my kids are involved in the process.

So, back to the search.  No real response comes back from searching for Kids and International Vacations.  So I'm making one up.  I decided not only to get my kids involved, but to put them neck deep in the planning process.  

I gave both kids notebooks when I came home from work, and then gave them job titles.

One was the East Coast Vacation Consultant, the other was the West Coast Vacation Consultant.  They were to write in the notebook information they found about the cities, attractions and general "stuff" they thought was cool.  The kids are only looking for stuff on their side of the country.  L-Boogie has already covered her notebook in stickers - and has a spot for our family photo when we arrive in Ireland.  Nick is excited the West Coast is where the beach is...

I know Ireland is a lofty goal, and adding two kids to the trip is something that no one recommends, but I think that is the perfect reason to do it.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Statement of Purpose

I have entitled this blog post: Statement of Purpose.

There are a couple of reasons behind why, but the main one being: I need to define it in my own life.  I find that if I put it down on (digital) paper I am much more likely to follow through with what my words have outlined.

A Statement of Purpose, in my opinion (and those of Google users) is something that defines who you are.

A statement of what you have become to this very moment.  However, it is also a fork in the road, and the path you are choosing to walk in the future.

I don't believe in holding strong to the statement, as I think flexibility and versatility make the strongest people.  However, a statement offers a solid foundation on which you can build upon.

My statement of purpose is:

Parenthood is an organization I have been blessed to be a part of.  Over the next 2 years I would love to push forward my involvement in my children's lives.  Marketers spend years mulling over what will be impressionable to the youth today.  Little do most parents know - we, the parents - are the most influential people in our children's lives.

My goal is to stop.  Seriously stop what I am doing, and focus on my kids.  The love that radiates from a child is absolutely the most wonderful thing on this earth.  I have realized my kids are not getting any younger.  In fact, my son is draft eligible in 9 years.  That's really scary.  What will everything look like then? 9 years ago we didn't have iPhones or DVR's...what are my kids going to be faced with?

This blog showcases my hobbies (gardening, music, etc.), and it offers inspiration and motivation to those who are searching for it.  But this Statement of Purpose really defines me - and the me I want to see in the future.

I'd continue to write, but my son wants to play football.  I'll write more later.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life's Inch

In searching, we tend to miss the inches, and focus on the miles.  
The beauty of the struggles; the hidden reasons of life, lie in those inches.  

How many miles away are you?

The dynamic opposition of what moves us faster and farther is also what draws us apart.  Spend time within inches of your life, and watch (both literally and figuratively) how close your life gets to you.  

Between parent and child, spend time face to face, understanding them as they understand you.  
The bonds created within those inches are nearly unbreakable.

Marriage is very much like a tree's roots, inching forward.  A marriage is rooted with consistency and unwavering support, to provide a solid foundation in which it grows on.  Cold winters will approach; winds will shake the leaves, but beneath it all, everything continues to survive.  

You can find the inches of your life everywhere.  

Find them in your words, both spoken and written.  Stand by them, and use them as fuel to lift others up.

~Charlie Trendal

(Original Art By: Jamie)