Saturday, May 30, 2009

Driven to Clutter

As you know by has been very hectic.

And as you may know...I'm kind of a "clutter phobic" I grew up in my mother's house, where we vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned the bathrooms on a daily basis. Mr. Clean would have had to wipe his feet in our house.

So, when I got married, I have now become my mother...vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathroom. Not on a daily basis...but pretty often. Since the surgery, pretty much everything "clean" has gone downhill (as far as sickness, Jen is getting better by the minute).

"The Before Picture"

Of course when you are consistently get hit.

I have a routine in the morning. Get up, shower, do the dishes.

So of course, the dishwasher went out on the day after surgery.

On top of that my son turned 7 on I have to 'clean' for the party. You never just have people walk in your house without dusting!! (Thanks Mom)

So I am trying to get everything done...yet the house continues to be cluttered. Never mind I have two kids and a mother-in-law at the house...and I am down my best cleaner. I want the house CLEAN!

Nope. Doesn't happen. Well, I say that. It doesn't happen to my Standards.

"Not quite the "After" Picture...but this is what it FEELS like!!"

So...I sat down. I relaxed (as best I could) and made a list...(while Jen was sleeping, of course).

So here it is:

How to Stop Clutter when Life is Driving the Clutter Truck.

1. Understand there will be minimal clutter. There is always laundry, always dishes and always stuff on the To-Do List. This will all change when you die.

2. Make a schedule. For BOTH you and the kids. The kids LOVE doing their part, because they get allowance at the end of the week (see a future post for good tips on that).

3. Follow the schedule Per-Your-Day. Just because you WANTED to do all the lunch dishes and 2 loads of towels, doesn't mean it will happen. You have to just go with the punches and get as much done as you can. Always try to finish the task once you start.

4. Disconnect the TV. It is the worst thing for a Stay-At-Home ANYONE! There are TONS of shows on now (HGTV/DIY) etc, that will draw you in and keep you for hours. If you unplug it, you will save yourself at least a few hours everyday. (*TIP* Look threw the guide to find shows you want to watch and DVR them if you can. There is a lot of down time with surgery during the night that you can catch up with the shows from the morning.)

5. SLEEP. Clutter keeps me awake. I want to get up as early as I can to tackle it. Unfortunately, I have a sick wife that needs tending to at all hours of the night. So waking up at 5 is not really an option. Relax...get some sleep and follow step 2.

That's what I've got for avoiding a clutter disaster. You have to know your limits and attack the best you can. Remember the main focus should be on a solution to the Life Problem (sickness, dishwasher, party) NOT on the clutter.

I hope this helps all the other Clutter-Clean Freaks out there!

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