Monday, May 18, 2009

{Pack A Bag}

I talked to an old friend yesterday.

"Why didn't you TELL me!!" he said.

"Why...w-why didn't you tell me to pack a bag and buy a one way ticket?!"

I was stunned I didn't know what he was talking about.

"This PARENTING crap is HARD!!!!!"

I fell off my chair laughing. He has a 9 month old...I didn't want to ruin the surprise that he's in the "good years".

Its funny how kids grow up from underneath you. One minute you are rolling a ball on the floor with your noses...the next they are shooting baskets. Go from dressing them up, to them being the life of the party.

They keep me on my toes, and keep me young...(even though I think I am getting up a little slower from the floor.)

After talking to a new parent it makes me appreciate the time I have with my kiddos...

Because if they grew this quick, they won't be this small for very much longer.


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