Friday, May 22, 2009

Post Surgery Day Two

I really want Jen to get better.

I took some time off work to make sure I am there for whenever she needs me.

But she is on some serious medication, and she is sleeping a lot. I try to be there when she wakes up most of the time, but (especially at night) I'm glued to the t.v.

There's not a whole lot to do when 'quiet', 'entertaining' and 'inexpensive' are all thrown in the mix. I mean...I can only write so many blog posts...

I am really addicted to Melody Gardot, and Frank Sinatra. Of course its because of the uplifting 'life will get better' parts of the songs I like most.

Check out the station

"Jazz@Night Light"

It will be a good station to listen to this weekend (with a glass of wine!)

Scribbling more peanuts soon.

Snib Borhs O.J.

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