Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surgery Day

So Jen went in for surgery and everything went well. (PHEW!)

On another woul think someone would have thought to make a place to go for the people that are waiting.

I mean you can't leave, and the "Gift Shop: is overpriced and is in a space that is 2 feet by 2 feet.

"OOH...look at that 47 dollar thimble!!"

"And on you left there is more of nothing. Exciting!"

All I want is a food court, maybe some arcade games and a tv that isn't playing a 1950's movie. (Oh yeah, black and white movies with no sound. Death to an ADD person.)

Make "recovery" a place you want to be.

A hospital is its own city, and people are living on vending machines!!!

During the surgery (obviously I was trying to keep my mind off the surgery, hence the blog) I had a deck of cards. You'd think I had the newest gadget that everyone wanted. People would literally stop and sit down at my table and talk to me and watch me play solitare.

"There are really over 100 ways to play that game you know."
"I love solitare, are you winning?"

And of course, my favorite:

"Solitare, thats a good game. I have only played it on my computer. I don't even know how to set it up with real cards."


I need to build a freekin hospital. Here are my rules:

You choose the drug limit and I'll choose the entertainment.

It'll be like Dave and Buster's with backless robes.

(There's not a picture for that one.)

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