Monday, June 1, 2009

Kids & Money

I like the title of this one.

It is so hard in 2009 for parents to say no. The advertisers literally STUDY our children to find out what they will spend money on. Then they put it at OUR KIDS HEIGHT so they know it will be seen!

So I've decided to combat the bastards that steal my money for the stupid plastic figures. that was a little rough around the edge.

But, I am fed up with having to deal with crying children because they want some sort of Magic Pen that ONLY writes on $18.99 paper!!

I am teaching my kids savings habits. And...the sad part is I am the only parent doing so.

Kids basically get what they want in 2009. Its not their fault, they live in a world where parents were raised by advertising (and couldn't afford it). Now that the kids are parents, they understand the needs of their children and buy EVERYTHING on the shelf for them.

In a time where money is running short, the check out lines are getting noisier.

So I put on the thinking cap and started to brainstorm. It didn't hit me until I was in Chucky Cheese. (I love that place). My son would only play games he knew he would win tickets on. There is no sense playing a game if you don't get anything from it!!

He understood the VALUE of a token.

So I started drawing up "Chore Charts". Both of my kids could get money if they did all of their chores. The problem was, they didn't care about the dollar bill they recieved. So I went back to the drawing board.

A couple of weeks past and we went on our (nearly daily) trip to Wal-Mart. My son and daughter both were mezmerized by the "NEW" Nintendo DS System behind the glass.


I said if they cleaned their rooms we could get the DS.

WRONG. A clean room lasts for about 20 minutes in my house. And the DS is nearly 200 dollars.

It looked good from the outside, but there was a BIG hole in my plan.
So on I went, looking for a solution.

I have to tip my hat to the US Government. Better take out your camera's folks, cause this type of thing doesn't happen very often.

They introduced the "ONE DOLLAR COIN".

I can hear the angels sing.

They look JUST like the Chucky Cheese Coins!!!!!!

So I brought some home for the kids to see.

"If your rooms are clean at the end of the day, you will get a coin."

The kids loved it.

But what to do with it??

I went to my bank for the answer. They have "Looney Tunes" accounts for kids.


The kids get the coins, fill out a deposit slip, and in the money goes. They get a statement every month and find out how much they have in the bank.

The more money they save, the quicker they get the Nintendo DS system.

"AWESOME." They say.

"AWESOME" I say.

Now they are saving, cleaning, eating all of their food, helping, and being good in the store.

We went to Blockbuster the other day and my son asked for Starburst. I said "Would you buy those if it was your money?"

He said: "No, but maybe with yours..."

"Nope" I said, and that was that. Mission accomplished.


Now the sad part.

Not two weeks after I opened these cool Looney Tunes accounts, did I ask for more Deposit slips. The kids LOVE them.

"They are discontinued", was the response I received.

It seems in tough times, all programs that are not being used are cut. No matter how good they are.

The kids can still deposit money, but on regular (PINK - as my son pointed out) deposit forms.

We have to start teaching our kids better money habits, so they will not be in the same finacial predicament that our country is in now.

Every Looney Tune makes a difference...


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