Saturday, July 11, 2009

Poker Night

The sun went down in Oklahoma and it was time for something I've wanted to do for a while now.

I held "Poker Night" at the house last night. It was the first "Guys Night" I've really ever hosted. I think there should be a guideline as far as what needs to happen on "Guys Night".

First off, I had a great time. I had some great friends over, great drinks and lots of fun.

I think everyone should have a poker night at least once a week with friends. Its helps to relax and unwind.

You don't have to get all crazy with it, just some blues music, a couple of drinks and some laughs. It really helped me get rid of a lot of the work stress I had built up from the week.
I had a treat for my first Poker Night, it was called XR. The Extra Rare Crown Royal Whiskey. One of the guys brought it out for everyone to enjoy (at $200 a bottle, we didn't even want to mix it with ice!)

I think if you want to have a "Guys Night" here are a few Guidelines.

1. Expect someone to be late. Guys are not known to be on time. Make those people buy the beer next time.

2. Do the following: take photos, SIP drinks, listen to some good tunes, pass around General BS.

3. Do Not do the following: Get Plastered (*This is only if the idea is general Guys Night, some "special" Guy's Nights are designed to get you plastered.)

4. "Guys Night" is a very loose term. My sister-in-law almost stayed, but had to get the kids home. My buddy's girl came and played a few rounds of Hold Em (Til I took all of her chips). Its not about "Guy" time, its just about time.

5. Either make a mix for the night, or put on some general tunes that everyone can have in the background. We picked a Blues station on U-Verse and it worked great.

Leave me a message and let me know how you do YOUR "Guys Night".

Type Soon.

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