Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life Lesson # 28

Its funny.

Once you realize what road you are on in life, its usually time to exit onto another road. I've exited off of many highways...that's for sure.

I've come to see that one adage I received from my grandfather many years ago keeps coming back to my present "driving condition".

He used to sit with me for hours and play chess. So, of course, the adage came in the form of a chess metaphor.

"When I move, you try to defend. When you move, I've already defended."

It used to make me so mad...he would always beat me. I could never figure out how to get to his King.

Then I started planning ahead, and watching how he would set up his pieces. I could see his path before it happened. Yet I would still lose. I was missing the final piece.

I kept watching, and realized I was trying to find his strategy. What I needed to find was the hole in his strategy.

I will never forget that day.

I watched as he moved his piece into place, and I saw the hole. I strategized to capitalize on that mistake, and I won.

So now, I am applying the same focus onto my work, my writing and with my family.

Soon enough, I'll win again.

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