Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Two

Day two of the fast.

Not bad in the morning...we had oatmeal with fresh fruit and orange juice.

Oatmeal was a little tough to get through...but I made it. 

Lunch was left over salad from yesterday.

I should have packed more food for my workday.  With running appointments in the city, and morning meetings, I was worn out by the afternoon.  Without coffee or a soda to pick me up, it was very hard to stay focused.  Jen was doing good at home with this delicious dish.  (That she sent via text message!)

It looked so good, I had to stop myself from licking the phone screen.

We had a late dinner (we went to Life Group...where a couple of other people were trying the Daniel Fast).  I thought it was funny we were fasting and we had a late dinner.  

Dinner was very filling.

Easy and simple.  Whole Wheat Pasta, homemade tomato sauce, and corn.

As you can see...portion is not something I am good at...

Overall, today was mainly difficult because of the constant headache.  Without sugar my body is yelling at my mind, and MAN I wish it would be quiet!

Until tomorrow.



  1. Yashua, ask your beautiful wife to post/email some recipes. The food looks delish! And um, sorry but I'm pretty sure sugar or no sugar, there is NO quieting your mind, my hyper little friend.

  2. Good point, my mind is pretty loud! Thanks for reading!