Monday, January 10, 2011

Definition: Husband, Part One

"If you have the chance to do it over, do it right."
This quote is one I have been listening to from the John Legend / The Roots -"Wake Up!" Album.

Wake Up!

To be honest, every time I hear it I think of my marriage.  Like many couples, I can say I've seen my share of battles in my marriage.  As many of us have personally seen, marriage has become more like dating than it has about becoming life long partners.

If they really tore apart the current numbers I think divorce rates are about 80%!  So, with so many marriages falling, and battles happening everyday I look to that quote again:

"If you have the chance to do it over, do it right."

Many of us (myself included) have Googled "Relationship Advice" in some form or another.  With my last post I started my journey to embark on the difficult task of creating "Stand Out" qualities of a great Husband. I wanted to write 6 qualities of a "Stand Out" Husband, but because this is such a huge topic for me, I am going to split the list into three parts.  Tonight I will start with the first 2.

    1. LOVING - Just the definition offers insight into the first quality. "A virtue representing all human kindness, compassion and affection."  Loving represents a true personal dedication to your wife. Each day you display empathy and sympathy to everyone you encounter; as a man, a husband and  a couple.   This is the greatest asset a man can have in creating himself as a "Stand Out" husband.

            2. TRUSTING - Trust is such an easy word to say, but such a difficult word to understand.  
                       I break trust into four different groups:
        1. Control: View "Couple" as only having one choice. Trust is believing in the decision you both have made. 
        2. Confidence: Both Self Confidence and Supporting your Wife. Trusting yourself and believing in your wife builds an entire marriage.
        3. Risk:  Destroy Risk That Could Destroy Your Marriage.
        4. Power: Understand the Power of Your Choices.
"Without trust leads to a paralysis of inaction."

2 more qualities of a "Stand Out" Husband tomorrow...

Thanks for reading.

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