Saturday, January 22, 2011

Definition: Husband, Part Two

I have written a post earlier in the month about how to become a "stand out" husband.  I wanted to scribble a little something down about another quality I believe is essential to becoming a "stand out" husband.



"For the friendship of two, the patience of one is required."
Indian Proverb

Unfortunately for all of us, we live in a time where patience is not very popular.  Everything is "Now".  Business, Social Media, Fast Food, Microwave dinners.  Everything we want and need is at our fingertips (for the most part) and patience is something most of us live without.  

Look around in a waiting room.  No one has the patience to just sit and wait.  I am willing to bet, if the people you look at are old enough to have a phone, they are on it.  Texting, Talking, or on the internet.  We fill the space, because our level of patience is extremely short.

Let's take that same short patience and insert it into a marriage.

Pretty bleak and miserable.

I find myself neck deep in things - honestly - I really don't care about.  If I just took the time to turn off the phone, turn off the television...what would I do with all that TIME?!  I would be able to talk to my wife about her dreams and ambitions (perhaps even enlist my time to help start a few).  I would be "in the know" about family situations, friends found, etc...

Basically I could be "That Guy".  The one who is neck deep in a great relationship built on love, trust and patience.  

Patience is nothing more than moving time.

Here is my example. "I will not use my cell phone after 6 PM on a week night."  By not being on the phone, I can spend open-ended, quality time with my wife*. 

*with no distractions!

Time to test my patience!


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  1. I love that you "stand out" as a husband and father for our family! --Hoons