Friday, January 28, 2011

Guy's Weekend

It is official!!

"Guy's Weekend" has kicked off!  Nick and I are spending time - just us guys - out together.

To kick off the weekend we had to get to the top of the world (of course!)

Here is the Top of the World!! 

Okay, it is the top of the stairs at the Oklahoma Civic Center, but we sure did yell "Top of the World!!"

Nick was SO excited to get out with Dad.  He was curious why we paid to park.  "These spaces are free in the daytime....".  So true son, so true.

We went to see Clayton at the Civic Center, because Clayton promised to mix Nick his first drink.  (Thought I'd kick it off right).

This drink will forever be known as "Awesome in a Glass"

He drank it down in 4.3 seconds, in which Clayton responded - like any good bartender - 

"Looks Like Its Time For Another!"

And why NOT?!?!  It's GUY'S WEEKEND!!

We took our drinks into the coffee shop and sat at the table with Domino's.  

"Are we going to play?" I ask.

"Of Course!" Nick said.

So we played Domino's.

We made quite the track and then Nick knocked them down.  Awesome!

After the games, we had to tackle the stairs outside.  What is Guy's Weekend without a little challenge?

This is what guy's do.  No real explanation needed.

We got into the car, ready to plan the next day.  But......

It seems we would have to wait until morning.

Just Dad and Nick...Guy's Weekend Continues....

~proud dad

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  1. I can't believe you took our son, who has the beginning stages of pneumonia, to the bar! --You made his night. He actually looks happy for the first time in weeks. :)