Friday, January 21, 2011

Opening Day

We opened the "doors" today at SZ.

The kids were excited to see the pictures load...and the price tag attached to them.  They were STOKED when the first picture sold.

Nick was so excited, he created a brand new signature for his "one of a kind art".

Nick's "Flying Dragon" sold.  Here is the final photo (before shipping).

We also sold "The Penguin" aka "The Chinese Penguin" via Facebook.  Here is the final photo.

We are working out some kinks that come with opening an art what the artist should draw, and if they should do the cutting (bad idea).

Lauren is a natural competitor (I don't know where she gets it), and not selling something ignited a fire in her.  I love to see a great competitive spirit come out.  She drew three new pictures, and wanted to sell them all for one price ($0.99) - (Nick sold his for 99 cents for one).  She is bound and determined to get a sale (also a trait that I don't know....)

What an experience!!  The kids are excited, and I am so happy that they are taking flight.  Art is so cool, because there is not a negative thing that can be said about art!  Certain people have certain taste, and if the kids like it...done.  Its on the web, up for sale.  If it doesn't sell, they make more of what does.  

But they never lose originality.  And I'm loving every minute of it.

Happy Grand Opening!

~Proud Dad

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