Thursday, January 6, 2011

Positive Emotions


"I think positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time."

 This is one of my favorite quotes of the movie Inception.  During the past few days I have really begun some deep reflection.  About myself, about my life, about those close to me.

Within the Fast I feel as though I am dreaming.  There is no way that everything I see today was here yesterday.  But in fact, not only was it here, it was screaming to be seen.  My relationships are very much a product of what I put into them.  If I am lax within a relationship...the relationship in turn is lax.  However, the more I reach for a relationship to be active and engaging, the more it is.

Throughout my life (including yesterday) people have told me I need to write things down on paper before I type them on the computer (yes, I'm looking at you Mom). This is also true for things I say (I should think before I speak).  Unfortunately I have never learned these lessons.

I believe the passion that I write with and the passion I speak with happens within the first moment.

People may not like what they read or hear, but they can understand the passion that I have for the topic.  This is not to say I am right about everything (contrary to popular belief), as I can be passionate and very, very wrong.

I love what has happened to me, and continues to happen to me.  I am starting to trust in the change, and with that comes an incredible freedom.

My positive emotions are trumping my negative emotions, and creating a different way to see the world.  I'm not dreaming, it really is getting better.



  1. Dude, this is legit.

    Keep WRITING!

  2. Thank you sir, I appreciate the support!