Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowmen Zebra's

Today was the start of something different.

I have decided to help my kids open up their first company.  They wanted to make extra money...and I don't have extra this seemed like the next logical step.

They have decided to call it:

Snowmen Zebra's or SZ's

Just to let everyone know...this was not their first choice.  But many of the names they did want have sadly been taken.  So we have SZ's.

They have brand new sketch books to draw beautiful pictures in.  Then they want to sell it to the masses.  

So...a website was created.

They have made 30 pictures each, and Dad is the IT Department, loading each picture onto the site.  Man, not the worst job...

We are going to have little "Business" meetings, and I can help them see how much they would like to earn, and how to get there.  Hopefully this will be a great learning experience for them.  I am excited to see if anything sells - the kids don't quite understand the whole process yet. 

In our first meeting, I wanted to know if they wanted to donate any of the money to charity.  Nick said "I could just draw them a picture, Dad." Thinking on his feet that little one....I don't know where he gets it.  We have a pretty lofty goal for this year: $700 in sales.  

For those who haven't sold anything for 25 cents....thats a lot of quarters.  But my kids are SO POSITIVE!  They are so pumped they could sell $700, that they agreed to donate everything over $700.  

"Impossible is not a reason, it's just a word for someone not to try."

So raise your glass to the first of many successful companies my kids will have.


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