Thursday, January 27, 2011

SZ Update, First Week of Business

Happy First Week of Business!

We have completed our first week of business!  As in ANY and EVERY business, Murphy showed his face.

Not the good Murphy:

Murphy's Law.

(Although I will admit, the other Murphy showed up as well - on occasion) 

Both the kids were SUPER sick in our first week, so they were not very active in the business.  They tried to draw, and have fun, but they were so sick, they couldn't even enjoy it.

They have since overcome their sickness (YEAH!) and have taken an active interest in the business again.  Which was extremely surprising to me, as many things the kids start do not get picked up again, if something is hindering their actions with it.  (Like their chores).

So here is the update from the first week:

The kiddos sold 12 pictures!!

With word getting out to all of the friends and family, personal emails came in, facebook requests came in, blog requests came was crazy!!

Thank you for your support of the kids and their business.  It is helping them grow by leaps and bounds.

The best thing that happened this week was Lauren's realization that Nick was selling more than she was.  Not only did she accept this fact, but she was inspired to draw the same items Nick was drawing that were selling.  (A Penguin).  She must have drawn 30 drawings that were somewhat similar to Nick's, as she tried to figure out how to get hers to look better.

WOW.  What an influence Nick has been to his little sister.  Encouraging her, helping her, engaging with her.  It is really great to see them working together.  It has helped Nick develop good leadership skills over the past week.  I am impressed with how many moving parts this business is starting to create.

 We plan on uploading some additional pictures over the weekend, so be on the lookout for more art!

Have a Great Day!


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