Thursday, January 20, 2011

SZ Update!

Kid's Business - 2011

We are well into the first week of business, and some of the art has now been created! The kids are SUPER excited about being artists.  

"You need to sign this drawing." - Dad
"Why?" - Kids
"Because signing your art makes it yours - it makes it original." - Dad
"Daddy, I need my drawing back so I can make it original" - Kids

I was able to get a sneak peak of some of the art.  Here are some of the drawings!

Lauren calls this "Swan Abstract"

Nick's "The Penguin"

Abstract # 2

"Ninja Warrior Waiting"


And Lauren's "Y Party"

Nick even let me in on his "drawing time", and take a picture as he was making his Dragon Drawing!

Here is the Dragon - sketched out.  Then, he showed off the "After" drawing:

I love that the kids are taking the time to learn and grow in art, then in business. This has brought me so much closer to my kids.  

It was time to pay the bills, and I have all my checks in my desk.  So I opened my desk drawer to pull out some checks and found a "LuLu Original" (Lauren's artistic name).  Paying bills is my LEAST favorite thing to do, but getting a picture made my day.

I had to go give her a hug and say thank you for the picture.

Lauren said "Daddy, it's called  Peace Out's and Hearts.  See the hearts?"
I said I could see them.
"Daddy, did you know hearts can have pointed edges!  It's ABSTRACT!"

And so begins what kids know, and what they can imagine.

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