Friday, February 18, 2011


It can all happen in the process of one breath.

We, as people, seem to think that action is the way to move mountains.  That force can build skyscrapers, can send us to Mars.  But hidden deep within every action, the true force behind each movement is a word.

And it requires next to nothing to utter.

The strongest men and women are those that use words to create.  That use words to destroy.  Words make it is so easy to bring down an empire, and so simple to raise the hope of a child.

My words have built companies; have sold dreams.  My words have nourished a hungry mind; have given peace to a sleeping soul.

They also devastate, consume and control.  With such a weapon, immense power and responsibility are required.

It is hard to grasp why we as a people don't recognize the vast impact our words have on those who hear or read it.  Sometimes our words cut purposely, hurt intentionally, and destroy forever.  In one breath everything you know, everything you build, everything you are, can change.

Yield your weapon carefully, as people are listening.


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