Saturday, February 26, 2011

Date Night

I just came home from an exhausting trip (hence the lack of posting).  Here's a quick view of where I've been:

Not bad for a three day trip.  If you can't view it - it's a map of Oklahoma and Texas, and my path through them both. (About 1,594 miles - the equivalent of driving back and forth through the entire state of Massachusetts 6 times.)

Kids gave me hugs, wife gave me a kiss, and the refrigerator gave me an ice cold beer.  And if that's not awesome enough...I found out that my kids are sleeping over their cousin's house!  Date Night!

(Happy Face)

It's very rare that date night's happen.  Life tends to get in the way.  Most nights have church, soccer, homework, working out of town - you name it.  Life looks like a huge tornado, ripping through most of my months.  It starts in January, and the next thing you know, its Christmas.  

I am so excited to sit down with my wife and talk about us! 

I think as parents, it is very hard to give attention to both kids and spouse equally. A relationship with your child, in my opinion, is important to develop daily.  As a parent, we have to build, nurture and grow a relationship with our kids.  Our Husband / Wife relationship tends to take a back seat to the kids.  (I don't think this is a bad thing either).  

However, I do feel like a Husband / Wife relationship is extremely important to have, and to have daily.  When I'm home, Jen and I have what we call "Tea Time", which may or may not include tea.  It is just time we pull out of each day (usually after the kids are sleeping) to talk.  Good face to face time just doesn't happen enough these days, as it's much easier to comment on her status on facebook.

I listened to a program (on 1 of the 28 hours I have spent in the car) on NPR that addresses this exact topic.  NPR talked with Sherry Turkle, author of "Alone Together", who pointed out: 

Our kids are suffering, because the parents are putting their relationships 
with work and Facebook, before their children.

Our relationship with our spouse is suffering, and we are too tuned out to see it.

It was an excellent program, and I am actually going to read this book. (I am not a reader...I may get an Audio CD if I can find it.)  

I am also taking this topic to heart, because I can't tell you how many phone calls, emails and texts I get during the day (and night) for work.  And I will interrupt quizzing my son for a spelling test to answer a text.  I will completely tune out a soccer game to write an email on Saturday.  I will answer a phone call - well, pretty much anywhere (including once in Church).

(Do you think anyone notices my Super Bright phone screen?)

Date Night will be completely phone free.  No tweets, no pictures for the blog (this will be tough - but it is so distracting), no facebook updates, emails, texts or calls.  Just a great time to talk to my wife about us, about our future, about books, music, travel.  About whatever - and enjoy every minute of it.  


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