Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guy's Weekend Part 2

Nick and I continued Guy's Weekend and went to see Tron.

First of all, Tron is one of the best movies I have seen in a while.  Second, it is possibly the BEST father-son movie to go see.  (The best movie to see if you have a daughter is "Taken" - not one to see with your daughter until she is at least 16.)

The Tron storyline is pretty well outlined in the trailer.  Dad is working on something huge, then disappears for 20 years.  His son, Sam (searching for Dad for the last 20 years) goes to the arcade and finds is father's underground office.  He types in some code and gets transported into "the grid".

There he finds world that his father has created.  And after all the years Sam had spent looking for his father, he was in fact in this grid - unable to leave.

Jeff Bridges plays Sam's father, Kevin, as well as the computer version of himself "Clu".

Basically, Kevin found how to make this "grid" and could not spend all of his time there.  He built "Clu" to build the perfect world in his absence.  Clu turned against Kevin, and wanted to go back to our world and take it over.  In order to stop the destruction of mankind, Kevin chose to go into hiding, to protect Clu from escaping.

Sam comes into the world, and walks into his father's battle.

The remainder of the movie is a struggle to escape the world, and all of the explosions and cool effects in tow.

As I took in the movie, I realized the underlying theme rings true to all fathers.

We want our work to change the world - we want to mean something to society.  We want to be the best we can at what we do.  We struggle on a daily basis with time for work and time with family, as there has to be a line between the two.  We also want our work to be passed to other generations.  We have an internal desire to leave something behind - a legacy.

If only we could clone ourselves to create our perfect "life work".  But at the same time be there to love and nurture our children as they grow.  One of the best lines in the movie is:

"You search for something your whole life and it's in front of you the whole time." - Kevin Flynn

He was looking at his son.  He wanted to change the world, and he had the perfect opportunity the whole time through his son.  As he had spent time in the grid, he learned that listening to his heart was the thing that could display what he wanted in life.  He used meditation in the movie to slow down and listen.

 "Your old man's about to knock on the sky and listen to the sound."

As both Nick and I watched the motorcycles appear from thin air, and men turn themselves into jets, we were in awe.  

It was Guy's Weekend, and we had arms full of candy and snacks.  We were having a blast.

But as I watched the story unfold I realized that I need to slow my life down, and knock on the sky.  We have a short time with our kids, and every minute can be an opportunity to teach them, give to them, live with them and love them.

Sometimes, what you are searching for is right in front of you.


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