Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have been completely swamped with work.  I feel like I'm up to my eye balls in it.

So I was thinking, I would take the time to outline my favorite question "What is it you do?"

I'd love to say I was a full time blogger - part time writer, but that doesn't pay the bills.  So....

I work for an Environmental Engineering firm in Oklahoma City.  And before you ask, no I am not an Engineer, nor did I go to school for anything Environmental.  In fact, after I graduated High School (barely) I joined the Air Force and have only attended an online University for a few general credits.

I actually fell into this job because of my sales ability.  It seems that if you can sell, you don't need a degree.

The Environmental world I work in is that of the Oil Field.  The Oil Field - for the most part is not known for its environmental qualities.

So, if you are taking notes, I have no degree in a field I have no experience selling to a client base that doesn't like what I sell.

"Can anyone say Challenge?"

I Love My Job.  Not many people I know can say that.  I'm not saying that I believe this is what I was born to do...but while I'm doing it, I'm having a blast.  

The premise of the environmental work I do lies in the protection of Clean Water.  Everyone likes clean water, and there are a couple of laws that make sure we always have clean water.

I work with oil companies and write (*read: sell) a plan that will protect our clean water.  The plan prepares them for an oil spill, and provides information on how to respond correctly if they spill oil.  

What I deliver to my clients will protect them, and more importantly protect the environment that they pull their oil from.  I saw just how important my work was this past summer.

When a plan is not in place, everyone is affected.

After being in this position for a while I started to realize the vast importance of our resources.  Not just the trees, the lakes and the birds, but our time and the implications of decisions we make today - for the future.

I actively participate with the NRDC ( to invoke change that can help my children's children live in a better place.  

This is my occupation, and I love what I do.


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