Monday, February 28, 2011

One Thing

This morning I woke up and decided to try something.

The kids and I had breakfast together - Eggo's, of course.

Got in the car, and off to school.  (a breezy 50 degrees - kids said "When is winter over Dad?!")

I usually tell the kids to be good at school, not to get into trouble.  Little do I know, they come from a long line of trouble makers.  

Today I told the kids I would ask them a question when I got home.  I wanted to know something they had learned in school that day.  Not just anything - something they had never known before today.  

"You have to pay attention today, because you might miss something you've never known!"

I got home at the usual time - well after the kids have come home from school.  They have long forgotten what they learned, and are usually tuned in to how many front flips they can do on the trampoline.

I asked Nick "What did you learn today?"

He said: "I learned about Penguins."

"Really, you have never learned about Penguins before?"
"No Dad, I learned that Penguins regurgitate their food to the baby penguins. Do you know what regurgitate means?!! It's gross!!"

L-Boogie chimed in:

"And I learned that Butterflies migrate!"  (I had to verify this was correct from Hoons, as I had no idea butterflies migrated...)

Children want the attention of their parents so much, and are so happy when we are interested in them.  Great lesson today, and I'm sure we'll have another one waiting tomorrow.


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