Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Do You Mean BILLS?!!?!!!

The kiddos are finally starting to feel better (about time!)

We had our second business meeting.  This one was to talk about bills.

"BILLS!!" They shouted.  "We don't want to pay Bills!" 

"Welcome to the world of business kids."  

We talked about how profit and loss worked.  Lauren, 7, outlined profit and loss for me.

"So Dad, we work really hard on a picture that no one else has and we put it online.  Then the online people make money? Then we have to buy stamps? Then we only have a little money left over?  That doesn't seem fair!", it doesn't.  But that's how it works.  Then I explained how people are buying the stamps for them in "shipping costs".  They really dug other people buying their bills.  I could see their minds going a hundred miles an hour.  It was like I was back in time looking at the minds that put together the "small print" language.

Then I hit them with their first bill:

Your January 2011 Etsy Statement

Dear SnowmenZebras,

Thank you for being an Etsy seller.

This is your January 2011 Etsy billing statement. This email
reflects the fees and payments for your account in January, as
well as any outstanding unpaid fees from previous months. 

Etsy does not charge monthly fees.

This Month's Billing Statement

Opening balance:        $0.00
This month's fees:        $1.64
Payments & credits:     $0.00    



Your account will become overdue if your bill is not paid within 15 days 
(February 15, 2011). Overdue accounts risk penalties 
such as suspension of shop privileges or account termination, and may be sent
to collections.

They found all kinds of change in their room to pay the bill. 

I explained that business bills are paid by the money they get, not by the money they have.  

Keep the money you have in savings - that way you always increase how much you have.

Nick gets it, and Lauren has already picked out 15 items that cost more than what she has in the bank to buy.

Although, it didn't take long for her to realize the central goal of saving.  She knows there are things out there she can buy when they save enough money.  Plus, as she put it: 

"I really don't need anything Dad, just that everyone is safe and happy."

~Proud Dad

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