Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dreams are deadly.

They can kill everything around you.

They can destroy everything you know and understand.

Dreams are punch-hungry, knock-you-down, and will lay-you-clean-out.

And yet, that's why we love to Dream.

We love to get up.

We Love to Fight.

Destroying everything around us may be the answer to what we are looking for.

We may not want change.

We may Need change.

So we fight for our dreams - until we are standing over them.

Those that dream kill hatred.

Dreamers kill "What Can't Be Done" by doing it.  

Dreamers destroy the mundane and bleak.

Until that dream is fully realized, we continue to fight for it.

Then we see what dreaming has built.

What vibrance it brings into our world.

Dreamers Change Everything.

Until Everything Is What We Dream.


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