Sunday, March 27, 2011

Everything Happens For A Reason

"Everything Happens For A Reason."


That encompasses way more than I can handle. And far more than I can process.

I can't break "everything" down and organize it into files.  

I  can't decipher the code of "everything", and some how work around it.

I, as are you, a very big piece of this "everything".

You may think your actions are unimportant or unrelated to any other human.

But, you would be wrong.

As we grow, learn and shape our lives, our actions define how we interact with everything.

And Everyone.

So we end up affecting others in ways we couldn't even imagine.

But if we dig deeper into this, some of the D's show up:

Disasters, Despair, Death.

If everything has a reason, what is the reason for this?

To be honest, I have always believed that the things that happen to others or ourselves, make us stronger.

If someone you know and love dies, you remember them for their finest qualities, or their greatest flaws.

In either case, you become cognizant of these qualities and implement them into your own life.

For example, if your grandmother always welcomed everyone in her house, 
you may be presented with a situation that requires you to choose to be welcoming.

If you are stricken with illness (of any kind), I believe that illness will allow you to become stronger in so many other places in your life.  Illness also brings people together, and forces differences to be put away.

Despair and Depression are the weights of our society.  
We try to pick up our situation, but sometimes, it is just too heavy.  

We must feel that weight.  

Because if we don't, we will never ask for someone to help us lift it.

And with all bad, comes good.

If you have been ill, or have seen death, or have been depressed, 
you now can take this knowledge and share it with others who are going through the same events.  

You make that person stronger, you make all the difference.

Everything happens for a reason.  
Sometimes you can see the reasoning, like it's attached to an airplane, flying across the sky.

Sometimes you can't.

I don't know why the earthquake happened in Japan. 

I don't know why volcano's erupt when they do.

"It's not what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you."

The event is not important - the people are.

How they are affected.

How they become stronger.

Communication gets better, love becomes richer, and lives are transformed.

Everything happens for a reason.

Live For A Reason.