Thursday, March 10, 2011


"Love.  It's Joy and Pain.  
You have to take risks to enjoy the gains." – Murs

To Love fully is risky.

Giving everything; heart, soul, mind.

It is the people that love fully that reap the greatest rewards. 

It may be painful, as honesty hurts sometimes.  Within truth is trust.  Within trust is belief.  Within belief, anything is possible.  Those that expose their truth, connect closer with their true love.  Truth inspires.

Love is purity.

It is the crystal clear lake reflecting the morning sun.

Loving memories sprout legs, take on gigantic form, and live in the hills of your mind.  They control your actions, your attitude, and your language.  Love shapes who we are, and who we will be.  Love shapes others around us.

I’m betting it all on Love.

Unlocking my heart, bearing my soul, opening my mind.

After today, if you see me, I may just be the wealthiest man in the world.


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