Sunday, March 13, 2011

Leadership of a Father

Many questions arise daily as a parent.

As a father, am I providing the leadership my children need to succeed in this world?

What does that leadership even look like?

Over the past few weeks I have tries to study what I do as a father that may pass on to my children.  Much to my disbelief, my children pick up nearly everything I say, do and act out.  Their anger, their passion, their love; it is all very much like that of my own (and my wife's).

I think leading my children is a small portion of planning, and a huge portion of being. 

Acting, encouraging, living life with them.  Create a theater of my home.  Become the main characters of my children's mind.  Put a huge emphasis on God, building respect and humility.

Defend my children, and uphold their true passions.  

Do more than explain, tell stories of hope.

Tell of Hammers, tell of Nails.
Tell of Creations built from putting the two together.
Give Hammers, give Nails.  Then Help Build.

Emerson wrote that "the secret of education is respecting the pupil".  And what greater education is that of learning to lead?

But my leadership as a Father should be consistent.  Leadership is not a fact or figure that can be stored in the mind like cargo on a plane.  Rather, it’s more like a bonfire.  There has to be a spark, there has to be a lot of continual action to build such a huge fire.  A certain amount of control is needed, but as it builds, it looks as though it could touch the sky.

Then, everyone can sit back and marvel at such an amazing sight.


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