Friday, March 18, 2011


Today, I learned two things.

1. Friends are few and far between.

2. If a Friend introduces you to a "Good Man" and it's a 65 + year old toothless Mexican man - buy him a beer.

As a Salesman I speak fluent English.

Be it Broken, Fragmented or Drunken.  Fortunately for me my new toothless friend spoke all three at once.

He thanked me for the beer and told me some important life lessons.

1.  Don't be like the guys at the table across from us.

"The guys" were a group of 20-somethings ordering a round and playing pool.  "Why?" I asked.  "Because" he said, "I have worked with all of them, and they stop for water."

Yeah, so I have to continue to listen to this story.

"They ask me if they can stop for water, and I say to them, does it look like I'm stopping for water?"

But they ask again.

"You get water, and I'll do your job.  Next day, they don't work here."

The kids are laughing at the table next to us, having a great time.  Not one of them look like they have put in a hard days work.  Our entire generation is like that.  We want to stop for water.

We want to break.  Or text.  Or play.

The guys behind us didn't like going to work until 8 AM.  (I thought that was a good time).  But in the oil business (especially in the field) work starts at 5 AM.

"What they get done by lunch, I'll have done before they get to work."

"Then I'll get water."

Lesson Two:  Education is relative.

He told me a story about when a "brand spankin new engineer, fresh from taking his last test" came out in the field.

Engineering school is no picnic.  Years of education are required  to learn and master the trade.

Mr. Engineer came out to the site and was ordering people to do this and do that.

But Toothless was the man at the job.

And Mr. Engineer was confused about what was supposed to happen.  He asked Toothless what to do.

"I say to him, you have a degree - so do I.  I went to OJT University."

I realized that is the only thing people look for.  They don't care what college, or what degree.  They want someone who can do the job.

And do it right.

I have to say, it was the best $2.75 I've ever spent.


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