Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One of Those Days

Today is one of those days.  

You wake up on the wrong side, you eat cold what is supposed to be warm, you are cut off by virtually every driver on the road.

The lights are red, and you need them to be green.  

You're favorite lunch special sold out 5 minutes ago.  

How do we stay on task and stay motivated? 

Motivation to dredge through the muck can be hard to come by.  Especially because it's one of those days.

But on these days, you become the person you are striving to be.  

You become strong willed, determined, powerful and creative.  

You understand there are things you can't control. (I didn't say you would like it).

Then you act on what you can control.  A deep breath. A smile.

This will be the day you write the story of your life.  You are the main character, facing every form of adversary.  Become the hero.

Become who you decided long ago you will be. 

And then enjoy the ending.


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