Sunday, March 6, 2011

Short Story

"He was wandering the frozen streets, 
heavy from the night before, 
a bullet burning in his chest."  

I love to write.

Of the 100's of people that will read my sentence today, this story will be different for each person.

How old is this man?
What color are his eyes?
Why is he shot?
Where is he? (Downtown, Country Road, Suburban Neighborhood)
What happened the night before?
Who is he?
When did this take place?

This makes for an incredible story in your mind.

I think people miss the opportunity to tell their stories.  They miss the chance to let their mind go.  With so much available at the touch of a button, it is easier as a culture for us to turn our minds off.  

Why learn for yourself? Google It. Then copy and paste.

Or let your mind wander.

Challenge what you think you know.  Become who you want to be. 

By believing that if my sentence can mean anything, why can't you write your own?


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