Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silver Lining

Being out of town on business, I don't always get to write.  I'm driving, or in a meeting, or __________ (input any other excuse).

But out of town (or in town) you meet some great people.  Living, breathing, being.  Sometimes it's not about writing, it's about doing.  

This past week I did a whole lot of living.  And found another life lesson hidden away.

I'm calling it Silver Lining - but you can call it whatever you want.

As we move through our life; each day, each month, each year, we grow as people.  We change.

Our needs are different from last week, our dreams (sometimes) change as we get older.  
(I'd still love to play outfield for the Red Sox, but I'll just wait on Kevin Costner to build my field when I die.)

My needs may not be that different than a lot of other people.  
Feed the Kids, Pay the Mortgage, Make SURE the Wife is happy. Eat, Sleep, Pray, etc.

But do your dreams and your needs match?

We, in this society get so wrapped up in our needs, we forget our dreams.

We push them to the back of the stove and put the pot on "Simmer".

Sometimes, we just turn the whole burner off.  

"We'll make our Dream Soup when we have time."

Throw that condensed garbage out.  It's time to start over.

Your dream needs fresh ingredients, and a vigor for cooking.  Mixing, whisking, constant care.

Pull that pot forward.  Needs and Goals together on the stove.

Smell that delicious aroma.

BOOM!  We're cookin' now!

You know what happens now?

Silver Lining.

You feed your kids.  Knowledge.  They see happiness busting out of your hard work.

Your spouse is happy.  
You are AWESOME.  Taking control of your life.  Taking charge.  Yes, make your own action figure - I did.

You Eat, Sleep, Pray.  And You Dream.

Whatever your dream is, it becomes a part of you.  It is you.

People say:
"There goes Charlie - the writer.", "There goes Bob - the builder", "There goes Dora - the explorer."

Take it literal.  Make it happen.

See the silver lining, and call it your dream.


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