Saturday, March 5, 2011

You Knew It Was Coming

Left Hook to the Jaw.  Welcome to the Blog.

I write about everything.

I write about my life, my past, my future.

I write about my kids, good days, funny days, crazy days.

I write about my relationships, with my friends, my family, my wife.

I write to release whatever toxic builds in my soul when I don't speak my mind.

I also grab everything I see, everything that ticks me off, everything that makes me laugh, and shove it into a tiny oven in my mind, and melt it down.  What comes out isn't sugar and spice - but a delicious medley of who I am.  

For those who may have known who I was, or maybe live in a murky world with a small bottle of clarity in their front pocket:

Drink your clarity. Then open your eyes, because a left hook is coming.

Married - Happily.  Look it up.  You will see me and my beautiful wife posing for the Britannica caption photo.
Father of Two.  Parenting is unquestionably the greatest gift God can give.
Hopeless Romantic.

Welcome to the Blog.


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