Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Child's Smile

On the road again...

I should write that down, and sell it as a song lyric.  I think I'd make a bunch of money.

I mean if this guy could do it....

I just finished up a three thousand eight hundred mile road trip (I like writing it out - it seems like a bigger number).  And there truly is "no place like home".

My car is filthy, and I feel like I have to peel my face off the windshield.  I put the car in park and the three guys from the Rice Crispy Commercial take on my back. "Snap, Crackle, POP!"

Thanks fellas, I needed that.

My bag weighs slightly more than I do.  And it inevitably wants to stay stuck in the back seat.  So I pull and prod and plead.  "Grrrrrrrrrrr."  Grunting seems to dislodge it.  

I clean the front seat; which has been my breakfast table, the coffee house, and my lunch room.  

I say good night to my GPS.  (Don't you?)  Then head inside.

I am greeted by the most excited children on the face of the planet.



"Time for Running Hugs!!"

Running hugs start at one end of the living room, and right before the kids get to me, they leap into the air.  I catch them and spin about 6 times.  The kids can't get enough of them.

But after all the commotion, and when we all take a deep breath, that instant is my favorite.

The kids look to me and smile.

I would drive, fly, walk, or crawl to see those smiles.

As a father, these moments don't come as often as we would hope.  But when they do, I savor them.  I live for them.  I hold on to them.

A child's smile is like nothing else.  

And I love it.


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  1. You are amazing. I'm glad you have such an amazing family to come home to every night because you deserve every smile that comes to their faces.