Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Greatness rides in on many ships.  Flawless, overpowering, melodic.  Greatness is not defined by what one is doing, but rather what he has triumphed over.  The path starts small, and common.

Take iron. Soft, easily magnetized and able to rust.  Really, iron is like many people walking this Earth.

But add fire to us.  A breath of passion, and we change.  We are able to be molded, but we are brittle in our beginning stages.  We must maintain the fire, or wrap ourselves around others who breathe the same passion as we do.

We will have rough edges that need to be smooth.  A skilled mentor can identify these rough patches, and help work them out.  A point is created as the edges come closer together.

This rock is still soft, still moldable.  We must increase our strength, and it is now when our passion - our internal flame - must shine it's brightest.

Yet it is inevitable.  Fire needs Water, and we must become immersed.  Our strength is consistently tested, but it is for our own good.  We are much too brittle to maintain our new shape without water.  Our fire immersed in water. Over and Over again.

Our fire is constantly at a slow burn, passion running through every bone in our body. The water becomes our source of strength, quenching our thirst.  We have been made new, been made stronger than anything we thought possible.

We then design a way to carry ourselves, upholding all what we have created.  A sheath to protect what we are.

We have transformed from common iron, to a beautiful sword.

We have transformed into Greatness.