Saturday, April 2, 2011

How Twitter Helped My Marriage

Facebook is causing problems.  

Serious problems.  

One in 5 people are getting divorced because of Facebook.

And I believe that number to be low.  I think Facebook causes arguments in 4 out of 5 marriages.

Twitter on the other hand, is a completely different social media network, helping people come together.

People on Twitter post a quick link to a funny clip, or an inspirational quote of the day.  Some use Twitter to post a link to purchase a product from their business.

Twitter even helps me promote this blog.  (Follow me @CharlieTrendal

But yesterday, Twitter helped my marriage.

I follow people whom I admire, respect or who make me laugh.  Some of these people may be writers, or pastors, or old friends.  I follow one woman, because she is my favorite singer.

Her name is Marsha Ambrosius. (Follow her @MarshaAmbrosius)

She just put out a new album called "Late Night's and Early Morning's".  Here is Marsha on Good Morning America:

I love this song.

But what does all this have to do with my marriage?

My anniversary is coming up next Thursday.  My wife and I are celebrating 11 years of marriage. (Man it went fast!!)  I sent Marsha a Twitter message that went something like this:

"Marsha, my wife and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary and all I want her to get me is your new CD!!" 
- (paraphrasing of course - you don't have that much space to write on Twitter.)

Marsha has (at press time) 87,949 followers on Twitter.  That means she see's EVERY Tweet from almost 88 Thousand people every day.  She is a famous R & B singer from England, and has a brand new CD to promote here in the U.S.  She's singing, touring and flying from coast to coast.

Yet she saw my tweet.  

And she wrote me back.

"@ awwwwww congrats :) send me a DM with

 address and I'll send u a signed Anniversary copy :)"

It probably doesn't mean that much to anyone else. 

It's just a tweet.

But to me, it changed my whole view of life.

This woman doesn't have to say anything to me, nor does she have to sent me a signed copy of her outstanding CD.  

But she does.  And she congratulates my wife and I on 11 years of marriage.  

Marriage is so easy to throw to the curb these days.  Divorce is running rampant among society.

And yet Marriage is what made my tweet stand out, amongst 88 thousand other people.

That is how important marriage should be to everyone.  

I admire Marsha for her Music, and yet she admires me for my marriage.