Saturday, April 30, 2011

Novice Hands

As we open our eyes, our dreams disappear to the back of our consciousness.  We move through life, never truly awake, just doing what we have always done.  Hardly ever questioning the herd, we end up wandering into a field that may not have what we need to survive.

I have wandered into that field.  I have brought myself, my dreams, hopes, fears, and beliefs.  Yet everywhere I look, there is a vast bleakness.  The stress builds, as I have to feed my family - my children.  Do they see what I see?  Are they learning how to survive in an unsurvivable environment?

The Darkness is always present, but soon you are able to adjust to it.  Soon you will see that the field offers small rocks and twigs.  You gather them, hope rising from your soul.

Then the rocks strike.  The spark flies.  The fire starts.  

You are so close to another field, unable to see it in the darkness.  It's not easy to leave the field, as the herd is never ending, always pushing through the only gate.  You have to push through.  You light your way, and many will block their eyes from it.  Some will be in awe of your light, and choose to follow your path.

The field is not as it seemed from the other side of the fence.  It has many trees, old and massive, that block your seeds from getting any light.  So tools are needed to gain more light.  The original torch may be burning down. You only created the fire to last until you reached the new field.  

Reignite the Fire.

The new field has larger rocks, larger branches, an endless opportunity to create.  However, some of the tools you make are sharp in nature, powerful for good reason.  

Powerful tools are dangerous in novice hands.  Don't expect to wield the tool correctly without practice.  The tool you thought best may not be.  You may have to change tools, change directions.  And at the end of the day, always go back to your fire.

Always understand that you are that flame.  You are the most powerful tool and through you others are created.



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