Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life's Inch

In searching, we tend to miss the inches, and focus on the miles.  
The beauty of the struggles; the hidden reasons of life, lie in those inches.  

How many miles away are you?

The dynamic opposition of what moves us faster and farther is also what draws us apart.  Spend time within inches of your life, and watch (both literally and figuratively) how close your life gets to you.  

Between parent and child, spend time face to face, understanding them as they understand you.  
The bonds created within those inches are nearly unbreakable.

Marriage is very much like a tree's roots, inching forward.  A marriage is rooted with consistency and unwavering support, to provide a solid foundation in which it grows on.  Cold winters will approach; winds will shake the leaves, but beneath it all, everything continues to survive.  

You can find the inches of your life everywhere.  

Find them in your words, both spoken and written.  Stand by them, and use them as fuel to lift others up.

~Charlie Trendal

(Original Art By: Jamie)

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