Sunday, November 27, 2011

Planning To Reap

I am an avid fan of quotes.  I love to find some obscure quote online and use it for my personal motto.  I found two well known quotes and smashed them together for today's post.

  • "Fail to Plan, Then You Plan to Fail" 
  • "You Reap What You Sow".
My wife gets a very concerned look on her face when I say things like "I'm planning".  But, if history is any indicator of the future...I can't blame her.

I am in the planning stage of creating a garden.  At the very least, I would love to start to grow some of the food my family and I eat.  However, looking forward, I would like to incorporate a more self sustainable lifestyle. What better way to start than a garden?!  I believe it is very important to get back to nature, both figuratively and literally speaking.  In a time when technology can transport my words around the globe, simplicity sounds amazingly attractive.

As the winter gets colder the design will develop, and in turn give me an outline of what I will create in 2012.

Each year I look forward to the next year, and I try to find something new or different that I can do.  Hopefully I can learn, change, experience and develop into a better person than I was the year before. 

This is the Year of the Garden.



  1. Yay! I have a small garden, too, though I would kill for a yard so I could plant real things. I have lettuce, tomatoes, basil, rosemary, bell peppers, squash, and chamomile. All things I eat, and some of it has been very good! (easy to grow, too). If I can, I would suggest working from seeds inside for the winter, then planting the full grown plants in the spring. It was tough to grow from seeds outside. Just to help the plan you big bro!

  2. Well thank you very much! I just planted some seeds - basil and cilantro - inside. I'm looking forward to posting some great photo's on the blog!

  3. A good plan - there's nothing better than eating the produce of your own garden! I've got an iPhone app coming out soon - hopefully(!) called Companion Planting which might be of some help with planning what to put where. At the end of the day - just enjoy it :-)