Friday, December 16, 2011

Kids and Vacation

I did some research on "Kids and Vacations", and I came up with some good results: go to this family friendly location, eat at this family friendly restaurant, stay here - because the kids have a pool and the adults have a hot tub.

However, when I typed in "Kids and International Vacation" the basic message was clear: don't take your kids.

So against conventional wisdom, and the wisdom of the Google search people, Hoons and I have decided to take the kids with us when we vacation to Ireland.

Oh, hi! If you are new to the site - or you've been here for a while, we've decided to vacation to Ireland!  Because of the vast expense, the trip is scheduled for the summer of 2014.  But if the growth of my kids is any indication as how fast time flies...


Over the next 2 plus years I will continue to post motivational messages, but I will mainly be writing about getting ready for the trip, and how my kids are involved in the process.

So, back to the search.  No real response comes back from searching for Kids and International Vacations.  So I'm making one up.  I decided not only to get my kids involved, but to put them neck deep in the planning process.  

I gave both kids notebooks when I came home from work, and then gave them job titles.

One was the East Coast Vacation Consultant, the other was the West Coast Vacation Consultant.  They were to write in the notebook information they found about the cities, attractions and general "stuff" they thought was cool.  The kids are only looking for stuff on their side of the country.  L-Boogie has already covered her notebook in stickers - and has a spot for our family photo when we arrive in Ireland.  Nick is excited the West Coast is where the beach is...

I know Ireland is a lofty goal, and adding two kids to the trip is something that no one recommends, but I think that is the perfect reason to do it.


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