Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waking Up

Waking Up

Sometimes, when the night falls into place, and the lights are all flickering with the candles, the silence is satisfaction.  Not because the loud noises make me crazy.  Or that silence is a rarity.  Rather, it is a sign that when the kids are sleeping soundly & when your wife is sleeping peacefully, the world seems to be rotating correctly.  That you haven't missed a step.  Your feet are still firmly placed on the path, and everything is aligned.  Beauty is everywhere on this Earth.  You don't have to look far or sift through life searching for that perfect sense of beautiful.  It is where you are.  In the silence.  In the sun of an afternoon.  In the light of the Harvest Moon.  You can find it in the eyes of your children, or on their sweet eyelids when they sleep.  Many of us believe with our hearts and souls that we can and should make a difference.  That we are waiting for the right opportunity to take us to that next level.  To uplift us and change us into the person we see we can be in our minds.  You see that person in the reflection of the water of a still pond.  You hear that person in beautiful stories of your past.  You don't have to wait to change who you are.  That change is happening now.  It's happening as you read, as you laugh, and as you breath.  So catch all fleeing moments.  From the very second you wake up.  Don't miss them.  Enjoy a sleepy smirk, or a wink over a coffee cup.  Cherish a child's hug before they head to school.  Sometimes, you just wake up and realize that life is really good.  It's really right.  And this parenting thing - this marriage thing, is something you can do.  Something you ARE doing.  And you're not doing a half bad job at it.  And that is really cool and amazing.  So start enjoying the sounds of sleep tonight - and all of the minutes you are awake tomorrow.

~ Henry Fredrick Robbins

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